Repair Center

We have a full service Repair Center with skilled technicians, ready to get your bike back to its best. It's not easy to plan for mechanical issues, so we work hard to get you and your bike in and out quickly. However, our techs are in high demand during peak riding season--so it is a good idea to call ahead and schedule an appointment if you're able. Pricing for our tune-up packages, and "a-la-carte" service items are listed below. If you have a question about our services or just aren't sure what your bike will need, shoot an email to and someone will reach out to you shortly.

Tune-Up Packages

The Basic


  • Perfect/adjust gears
  • Perfect/adjust brakes
  • Air tires to recommended pressure
  • Lubricate chain
  • Inspection & bolt torque check

The Annual


"The Basic"


True wheels

Adjust bearings

Clean bike

The Annual Plus


"The Annual"


Clean, wash & polish bike

Fully degrease and relubricate chain, cassette & chainrings

The Overhaul


"The Annual Plus"


Adjust and repack bearings

Complete detail of bike & drivetrain

Replace cables & grips or bartape*

*additional charges apply to premium part upgrades & hydraulic brake and suspension services

Individual Repair Services

Price List

ServiceLabor PricingServiceLabor Pricing
Install fork or headset$20Bleed hydraulic brake line, one side$30
Build custom wheel$50Bleed hydraulic brake line, both sides$50
Flat Tire Repair, on bike--includes new inner tube & removal & re-installation of wheel on bike$20Fork, lower leg rebuild$60
Flat Tire Repair, wheel only--includes new inner tube, re-installation of wheel on bike not included$15Fork, complete rebuild$125
Brake adjustment$15Rear shock air can rebuild$60
Gear adjustment
$15Box & ready bike for shipping$40
Wheel true, per wheel$15Tubeless tire setup, per wheel$20
Spoke replacement with wheel true$20Tubeless sealant refresh, per wheel$10
Replace chain$10bottom bracket installation$25
Replace cassette$10

Wrap handlebars with tape$10
Don't see it here? No problem. Most other services will be charged by labor time, at a rate of $65/hr. When in doubt give us a call!