KETL Women's MTB Liner Bib

KETL Women's MTB Liner Bib
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It never fails. You’re riding your favorite trail, hitting every switchback perfectly, leaving your riding partners in the dust and then… nature calls and the dreaded, cumbersome pit stop ensues. At least, that’s how it used to be. KETL's Women’s Liner Bib with IPF technology makes those inevitable pit stops quick and easy.

Crafted using lightweight, breathable materials, their liner bib shorts are designed to be worn under an overshort and provide just the right amount of compression without being constricting. The open back design plays nice with your sports bra, minimizing overlap. Dual pockets provide ample space for your ride necessities like a water bottle, snacks, and tools while laying nicely over the waistband of your overshorts.


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