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Recumbent Trike Buyer’s Guide

Why Ride a Trike?

If you’re looking for a comfortable, fun way to enjoy cycling and the great outdoors, a recumbent tricycle is the vehicle for you. Recumbent trikes feature a unique design that reduces the stress on your neck, hands, and posterior that some riders experience on an upright bike. We have a variety of trikes to meet your needs, from entry-level options to high performance, custom models. Check out our selection and visit us today to start riding.

Trident Trikes

Excellent value for riders on a budget

A Trident recumbent trike is an excellent choice for a rider new to the sport or interested in an easy-to-ride recumbent trike for everyday adventures. Trident Trikes is committed to innovation, customer service, and providing you with the best value.

$1,375.00 - $3,249.00


High quality & made in the U.S.A.

With trikes for every type of rider, Catrike is one of our recumbent brands of choice. Catrike produces high quality, award-winning recumbent trikes in the US that range from more upright models to more agile models to fully suspended models.

Choose Your Trike

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